After receiving your genetic results, the results can be interpreted at To proceed, go to and enter the following patient information is in the corresponding boxes: Age, sex, ethnicity, race, weight, height, smoking status, presence or absence of liver disease, indication, baseline international normalized ratio (INR), target INR and current medications. The genetic information is entered by selecting the matching result from the dropdown boxes for the following SNPs: VKORC1 -1639G>A = VKORC1-1639/3673 CYP4F2 1297C>T = CYP4F2 V433M GGCX 12970C>G = GGCX rs11676382 CYP2C9 430C>T = CYP2C9*2 CYP2C9 1075A>C = CYP2C9*3 CYP2C9 1080C>G = CYP2C9*5 CYP2C9 818delA = CYP2C9*6 (select ‘A- (heterozygous)’ for an ‘AG’ result or ‘– (homozygous mutant)’ for a ‘GG’ result) The algorithm calculates an initial warfarin dose requirement and an estimated daily warfarin dose requirement, in order to achieve the target INR.